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Kloppendiek: Zwillbrock 8, D-48691 Vreden

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Hiking tours


Hiking tours

It does not matter whether you want to go for a walk over the historical Kloppendiek, along the “prozessionsweg” of the Barockkirche or hike around the Zwillbrocker Venn; with every step you go deeper into our history. If you like to explore our area quiet and enjoy the nature, you’re right in Zwillbrock. Many hiking tours at this or the other side of the border, give you an impression which ways the members of the holy order went to go to their monastery “Closter Bethlehem” in Zwillbrock. But also the old smuggle paths tell about exciting times in Zwillbrock. Even If you only want to enjoy the quiet of nature a breeze of history is blowing, as the Zwillbrocker Venn is one of the oldest conservation areas in Germany. Long before the flamingos came to the Venn and built their nests, scientists explored birds’ life in Zwillbrock.

Suggestions and maps

Start and spot along old paths the forest, bird life and marsh area in Zwillbrock. Enjoy the diversity of species of our nature. Many more suggestions and maps you find at the following pages:

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