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Kloppendiek: Zwillbrock 8, D-48691 Vreden

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Be active

The vitality awakes when we move outside in a beautiful landscape. Not just riding by bike or hiking gives you the possibility to experience our setting. Enjoy walking or jogging around the Venn. Make use of the agricultural and bike roads of our region for skating or experience the Zwillbrocker Venn of an unique perspective in winter. On the ice cap in the Venn you can ice-skate, sledge or just slide over the ice to enjoy the wideness of nature.

But also the hiking tours through the maize-labyrinth on the yard of Beuting or a tour by canoe over the Berkel make your stay to an unforgettable experience. If you need a little refreshment subsequently, or like to warm in the winter, a good cup of coffee or something to eat is always there for you.

Hiking Trails und route

Bike tours

If you look at Zwillbrock in a map, you will see that the village goes into the Dutch Achterhoek like a tip. The Achterhoek and the Westmünterland are like a colorful picture. With her typical park landscape our area will keep your stay in quiet and beauty.

The location of our holiday place makes it especially for bike tours over the border very interesting. What you call in Minster the “Leeze” is and in English the bike, is the “Fietse” in our border region. We invite you to a “Fietsentour” on this and on the other side of the border.

Many interesting destinations like the “Hamalandmuseum” in Vreden or the historical museum “De Scheper” in Eibergen tell much about the history and the culture along the border. In the conservation areas “Lüntener Fischteiche” and the “Haaksbergener Venn” is the picture of the original landscape also beyond Zwillbrock explorable. The Berkel was for decades the way to transport freights into and out of the Westmünsterland. The ships -Berkelsümpe- were very strong ships which were over 12 meters long and not very deep. Along the Berkel you get to the Mallumser Moolen at Eibergen. At an old arm of a river they kept a Watergate of the Berkel. An old treadmill and the herb garden invite you to stay.

Many historical places like the book city Bredevoort or the fortress city Groenlo can be reached far away from bigger streets by beautiful cycle paths. But also the “shopping city” Winterswijk invites you to explore culture. A museum for modern art in an historical shirt fabric keeps a line between past and future. Explore the area along one of the oldest European borders with the “Fietse”.

Bike tours